Multiple Personality
For Clarinet, Visual Art, Interactive Technologie & Orchestra
The name says it all: Out of a classical concert format a multiple, varied experience emerges through the application of video-art and interactive technology. Together with video-artist SooA Kim and interactive designer Matthew Stewart, Sebastian Lamberz conceptualizes an interdisciplinary concert experience. In the selection of the pieces, the concept perpetuates. With the clarinet concerto by Carl Nielsen, New York Counterpoint by Steve Reich and Scaramouche by Darius Milhaud, this interdisciplinary ensemble takes a closer look to the phenomenon of a multiple personality.
Watch the full documentation here
Download Technical Rider here
Quintett for the End of Time
The visual music project “Quintet for the End of Time“, was conceptualized by Sebastian Lambertz and in collaboration with video-artist SooA Kim from New York. It is based on the very well-known piece “Quatuor pour la fin du temps“ by Olivier Messiaen. The video serves as fifth instrument and refers to the structure of the music, the dramatic factors of its form and Messiaen’s religiosity. In a delicate balance, the music and video-art benefit from each other and are enriched without a danger of overlapping either the music or the video-art.
To watch the VI. movement from the quintet click here
The technical specifications of this project are uncomplicated and can be performed everywhere a white projection surface and electricity for the beamer is present. As with the Duo Recital, Sebastian Lambertz collaborates also for this project with musicians from Europe and the US.