WQXR - Young Artists Showcase
"I was especially impressed by Sebastian Lambertz, teriffic German clarinetist!"
New York/ Robert Sherman, WQXR Young Artists Showcase, April 22, 2016
"Sebastian is actively building a portfolio of projects that travel well beyond the concert stage."
New York/ Mannes Entrepreneurship Newsletter, March 2016 

"Democratize the Canon - Music performance is no longer just a spectator sport."
“Sebastian Lambertz, a Mannes School of Music alum, is a clarinetist and business maverick. His objective is ambitious: introduce the thrill of classical music to newly invigorated, engaged audiences.”
“Sebastian now works as a modern-day Pied Piper, ushering young minds into the world of classical music, a realm he wants to democratize.”
“Sebastian’s formula of presenting classical music minus the usual pomp and circumstance has proven influential across the globe […]”
New York/  Forces of New, March 2016
"Clarinet Player Builds New Audiences for Classical Music"
In “This Is New York”, a feature series that delves into the lives of inspiring individuals in New York City.
“Hearing him play the clarinet, there’s no question about his passion and dedication.”
“His sound is very clean, flowing naturally from his breathing and technical dexterity, with subtle changes in color. His presence on stage is both buoyant and assuring.”
New York/ Epoch Times NY, December 13, 2015
"Babette's Fest"
About Sebastian Lambertz's Lincoln Center Debut
"...enormous talent and onstage poise, [...]”
“His lyricism was sustained throughout the register with dynamics under perfect control [...]”
“He has a terrific technique and a most expressive lyricism."
New York/ Voce di meche, November 19, 2015